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Nostalgically soulful, yet new age indie RnB artist Alex Slay blends rootsy, classic melodies with fresh, honest songs to match his free-spirited disposition. His incredible raw talent shines through precision that can only be cultivated by a true dedication to the craft. Raised on legends like Stevie Wonder and inspired by modern envelope pushers like Anderson Paak, the quiet kid from small town Florida has made a name for himself in Nashville’s budding RnB scene. 
Slay may be young, but his life experience sets him apart, giving him a unique story to tell. After cutting his teeth on cruise ships and traveling the world as a music teacher, he finally settled in Music City. Alex quickly broke through the noise with first single, Cherry Wine, praised as “one of the most accessible Indie RnB tracks  of the year”. (A&R Factory) He is currently working on new music and plans on a release-heavy 2021 and 2022. With a voice poised for stardom and the perspective to match, Slay is sure to join as a modern RnB staple in no time.

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